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General Questions

The quickest and easiest way to do this is online using our secure service. But if you prefer you can also apply by post, using an application form. It’s much cheaper to buy and sell investments online than by post. One of many reasons it makes sense to manage your Account online. For details on our charges, please read our Charges Guide.
$50 (either as a one off or regular payment).
We send out valuation statements for all our accounts twice a year. We post statements to you unless you ask us to send it to you through our secure service. In that case we email you to let you know when it’s ready to view.
One off the main benefits of managing your account online is that you login and get a valuation at any time, and print if off for your files if you need to.
Once you open an ISA with us, we’ll send you a password and Personal ID to use on our secure service, where you can manage your account and make online payments. You can make payments using a debit card, by direct debit or by sending us a cheque.
We can’t give you advice, but our Investing Hub is packed with research tools, ideas and information to help you when you’re making investment decisions.

Account Questions

Yes. The account can be operated through any of our card products or internet banking solution.
Accounts are opened within 24 hours upon submission of complete documentation.
Yes. Account update requests can be made at any of the branches.
Accounts can be opened with any amount or with Zero balance as there is no minimum account opening amount requirement for all UBFA Bank Account classes

Investment Questions

If the customer has a current or savings account with the Bank, A duly signed letter of authority instructing the Bank to debit the proposed amount from the customer”s respective account will suffice. Such instruction from the customer will include specific details needed to book the fixed deposit such as customer”s account number, amount to be booked, tenor of deposit and the agreed rate.
If the customer is not an account holder in the bank, he will have to open a fixed deposit account. (Refer to account opening documentation).
Minimum tenor on fixed deposit is 30 days, whilst the maximum is as determined by the Bank based on current money market realities. The interest accrued is calculated on simple interest basis.
A duly signed letter of authority instructing the Bank to liquidate the fixed/call deposit will suffice
Treasury bills are government guaranteed debt instruments issued by CBN on behalf of FGN to finance short-term expenditure.

Internet Banking

Internet banking is a real time solution that enables you access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All UBFA bank account holders, Corporate and individual.
You need to fill a form. The internet banking application form can be downloaded from our website: www.ubfaonline.com. It is also available at all our branches. You fill the internet banking form and submit to CSU of the branch.

UBFA Bank Cards

You can use your UBFA Bank credit card to pay for goods and services at millions of establishments worldwide. Your card will be accepted at any establishment that displays the Visa or MasterCard logo.
You can use your UBFA Bank credit card to make online payments or to shop on the internet
You can withdraw cash up to 100% of your credit limit from any ATM.
At the end of every cycle, we mail your monthly credit card statement to your email address as indicated on your card application form. Your statement indicates your previous balance and gives a list of your current charges, any finance charges or fees, your payments and credits as well as your current balance. It also mentions the “Minimum Payment Due” and the “Payment Due Date”.
Your total outstanding balance is shown as “Current Balance” on your Credit Card statement. The “Current Balance” is determined by adding any purchases and cash advances you made and subtracting payments or credits from the “Previous Balance”. Then appropriate finance charges and fees are added.

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